Educational Neuroscience

Educational Neuroscience: Charting New Territory in Educational Research

What is educational neuroscience and what kind of research happens in the lab?

Educational neuroscience augments traditional approaches of educational research with methods of psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience. Specifically, in the ENGRAMMETRON, we are incorporating state-of-the-art methods of educational technology and eye-tracking with recordings of the electrical potentials that the brain and the rest of  the body generate naturally, and particularly during learning.

Our research applies these new methods of educational neuroscience to a wide variety of issues of interest to educational researchers and educators in general. Our main focus to date is on understanding teachers' mathematical thinking and their anxieties about mathematics and teaching that subject. Our goals are to help improve the former and to alleviate the latter. At this time we are also investigating ESL anxieties, usability of educational technology, and the educational potential of biofeedback and neurofeedback in particular.