Dr. Stephen Campbell

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Campbell’s scholarly focus is on the historical and psychological development of mathematical thinking from an embodied perspective informed by Kant, Husserl, and Merleau-Ponty. His research incorporates methods of psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience as a means for operationalising affective and cognitive models of math anxiety and concept formation.

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Kathryn (Kate) E. Patten, PhD - Outreach Coordinator

Kate's current research interests lie in the neuroscience and neuropsychology of emotion and its implications for neuropedagogy, specifically within the research field of educational neuroscience. She is interested in the role of emotion regulation in human well-being, as well as the debunking of myths encountered in "brain-based education."

Helene Lalancette - Doctoral Student

Helene's current research focuses on defining the field of educational neuroethics in philosophy of education as a response to increasing applications of neurotechnology in education. She is also actively involved in pre-teacher training in Science Education (EDUC 416 Designs for Learning - Elementary Science and EDUC 476 Designs for Learning - Secondary Science) and currently in charge of Instructional Engineering for the Distant Learning Science Program of the CSF, SD No.93 in Vancouver, BC.

Terry Hansen - Doctoral Student

Ms. Terry L. Hansen, MSc., R.E.T. is a Ph.D. student at the University of Victoria, Department of Educational Psychology and is completing a research apprenticeship with Dr. Campbell over the summer of 2012. Terry’s academic background includes scalp and intra-cranial electroencephalography, psychology, kinesiology, neuroscience, and education. Her current research interests are focused on identifying predictors that increase the likelihood of forming long-term memory that involve encoding, rehearsal, and retrieval of declarative information in university-age populations. Terry is committed to researching applied solutions that will help university students increase their academic performance.

Matthew Menzies - Masters Student

Matt is a graduate student working towards his M.A. in Educational Neuroscience.  Through his research, Matt is exploring educational applications of EEG biofeedback training. Matt is a certified elementary school teacher, and has taught at the intermediate level for three years.  He is currently working at the Centre for Students with Disabilities at SFU.  Prior to his career in education, Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Melody Li - Masters Student

Melody is a practicing Grade 1 teacher. She has completed her B.Ed. with foci in both Counselling and Psychology, Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Counselling and Human Development, and PDP program at SFU. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser Student Society for two terms as Faculty of Education Representative. Her current research is exploring social emotional learning within collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) and the physiological and neurological implications of CVEs when collaboration, engagement, and co-operation occur between individuals interacting within a fully immersive virtual world. She is also a facilitator and trainer for David Wheeler Island, SFU's virtual space in Second Life for Math Educators.

Sofina Chan - Masters Student

Before participating the lab, Sofina worked in the Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Lab at SFU, with a research focus on circadian timing of eating behaviour and sleep restriction. A credit to the experience as an ABA therapist for children with autism, then she started her graduate studies in Educational Psychology. Her current research interests are EEG, neurofeedback and learning, especially on memory and cognitive performance.

Shoaleh Bigdeli - Doctoral Student and Research Assistant

Xin Du - Masters Student and Research Assistant

Kerry Handscomb - Doctoral Student and Research Assistant

Olga Shipulina - Doctoral Student and Research Assistant

Radcliffe Siddo - Doctoral Student and Research Assistant

Nicholas (Nick) Zaparyniuk - Doctoral Student and Research Assistant