Industrial Acoustics Company, Inc. Audiometric Suite, Model 140ACT-1

a. Double wall exam (observation) room with inner wall RF shielding (Faraday Cage) and filtered power / Single wall control room

b. Customized configuration and modifications

i. AC and DC power, cable pass throughs

ii. Doors, lights, windows, and furniture

iii. Caution strips, and ceiling fixtures

c. Selection considerations

i. Size, cost, and configuration

ii. Installation / reputation (Electro-Medical Instrument Co.)

d. Other manufacturers considered: Eckel; Acoustic Solutions

Two BioSemi ActiveTwo Biopotential Measurement Systems

a. Specifications and capabilities

i. 64 channel EEG, expandable to 256 channels

ii. 8 channels, variously used for EKG, EMG, and EOG

iii. Auxillary channels: plethsmography, GSR, and respiration

iv. Active electrodes, caps, and associated supplies

v. ActiView - LabView acquisition software

b. Selection considerations

i. Battery powered with optical cables / isolated from mains power

ii. Pre-amped electrodes / dynamic range / auxillary channels

iii. Open source acquisition software

c. Other suppliers considered: EGI; ANT

Tobii 1750 Eye-tracking monitor

a. Specifications and capabilities

b. Selection considerations

c. Other suppliers considered: SMI

Audiovisual equipment

a. Near infrared broad spectrum cameras

b. Ultra sensitive microphone

c. Intercom system

Computer systems

a. Acquisition systems (Dell; HP)

i. Control computer running Noldus Observer XT

ii. Eye-tracking server running Clearview

iii. Open GL stimulus computer

b. Analysis and Interpretation systems (Apple)

i. EEG data analysed using BESA and EEGLAB

ii. EKG, respiration data, etc., analysed using Acknowledge

c. Network Accessible Storage systems (Netgear)

d. Miscellaneous software: Camtasia